Invest Fractionally into ETFs

Get kids invested into ETFs with custodial accounts and with just $5 at a time.

Learn the difference.

Innovate the Future

Invest in tech changing the world. Your child can be the next industry disruptor.

Ticker: VGT

Entertaining Everyone

Be creative and capture people's eyeballs by using creativity to start a media and entertainment empire.

Ticker: IEME

Green Profits Grow

Invest in green companies making positive impact on society and the environment.

Ticker: CRBN

Learn from Buffett

The greatest investor of all time has a lesson or two tucked away that you’d be wise to share with your kids.

Ticker: BRK.B

Girls Conquering

Gender balanced workplaces achieve more. Learn to break ceilings and climb the ladder successfully.

Ticker: SHE

Accumulating Cash

Invest your cash in short term bonds so you're ready for a sudden expense or big opportunity.

Ticker: NEAR

Healthier Humans

Be a part of the industry that saves lives with better care and cures.

Ticker: VHT

Own It, Don't Owe It

Buy bonds for a nice income stream and to help others finance growth and infrastructure.

Ticker: VTEB

Dividends are Profits

Investors take risks, to get dividends which companies pay when they give back profits.

Ticker: DGRO

Big Business Bosses

Be a boss and invest in big American companies that teach strong management and leadership skills.

Ticker: VOO