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Our Journey in Creating Loved

By David Hannes September 23, 2020

Our Journey in Creating Loved

A child’s once far-fetched dreams have never been as close as to reality as they are today. Today we’re living in a time where everything can be automatic, space travel will soon be affordable and for inspired children, access to information is at their finger tips.

If there’s one thing every adult should commit to the World, it is to empower a child to go for their dreams. The present moment is all you have, and if you want to change the World, the best place to start is with the next generation.

Today, we’re announcing Loved and we’re on a mission to change the World by starting with your kids.

What is Loved?

Loved is Kids Dreams Invested - a way adults can make an investment for and with, a child they care about, for something of their dreams. Using our app, you’ll create a custodial investment account for the children in your life. By making investments that they can understand, you’ll unlock education that inspires and shapes those dreams into reality. Most Americans are not taking advantage of the power of time and compounding to benefit their children. With Loved you’ll be able to get started straight away - in just two minutes you can set them up with a first investment of just $5.

Why we need more education and what we’ve done about it.

The shape of education is changing. College is expensive, competitive and in most cases, the truly inspired students are the ones that lead the most successful lives. We’re not telling you to stop sending your kids to college, quite the opposite. We believe a child’s dreams should be nurtured from a young age with education that inspires them to think differently, to think of the possibilities of their lives and how they want to live it.

By linking investing with education, your kids will learn about successful industries, businesses and rolemodels. Importantly, they’ll get to see the value of saving and investing - how money compounds faster and faster via compound growth especially over longer time periods such as their childhood.

Why is investing important? And how have we changed it?

You’ve probably heard the term the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? Whilst we hate it, it’s most often true. Well… Loved is here to change this, because every child deserves every possibility. 

Money isn’t everything (a dollar of education far exceeds the value of a dollar) but it does unlock opportunities that help young adults excel in life - for education, a first car or home, money to explore a business opportunity or the freedom to see the World. Setting aside as little as $5 per week from birth can grow to $10,000 at the age of 18 when receiving a fairly typical investment return (dividends and capital growth). This compares to holding your money in a bank where inflation often erodes the benefit of growth (interest).

Getting started

For me, my dad inspired me in life - from exploring the World, teaching me investing, the World of business and little life lessons - it shaped me to do what I am now doing. I realize not every family has those opportunities and that’s why I created Loved.


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