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How do I invest if I'm not yet an adult?

By The Loved Investing Team December 26, 2018

How do I invest if I'm not yet an adult?


  • Investing can help kids fast track their future
  • How custodial accounts work
  • Investing tips
  • Getting started

Investing is a great way to fast track a kids future by helping build financial indepedence while learning about money, investing, companies and the world! Warren Buffett bought his first stock in a compay at age 12 and it helped him learn principals to make him one of the greatest investors of all time.

How custodial accounts work

Investing tips

Stocks can be a great way to help kids to understand the world, teaching them about the companies and industries that their portfolio is a part of. It’s a great way also to teach kids topics like diversification and patience, because markets rise and fall but historically speaking, continue upward over the long term as history has shown us

  1. Diversify It is best to maintain diversification so no single investment’s performance can have an oversized impact your returns;
  2. Be Patient because markets rise and fall, you want to invest for the long term rather than expecting you can make money in the short term; and
  3. Invest in quality companies, index funds and themes that you believe have a positive future.

Getting started

Loved is an app offering custodial investing for anyone under 18. Using a custodial UTMA account, kids get their own investments that an adult controls until they turn 18.

You can Signup Here and start investing with Loved!


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