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10 Things to Help Teens Achieve Their Future

By The Loved Investing Team October 15, 2020

10 Things to Help Teens Achieve Their Future


  • Success takes time and regular progress
  • Ten great ways to prepare yourself for success
  • Starting today gives you a headstart

It's totally natural for kids to stress out about getting from where they are now, to having success as adults. Young adults need to know that while they have the ability to achieve a lot, success takes time and they can only achieve it with consistency.

Ten great ways to prepare yourself for success

1. Talk to people that have built interesting careers, Find a mentor

Ask people's their stories and ask them about the journey where they got to where they are today. You'l quickly realize that no ones path is direct and get their advice on how you should think about filling in the blanks.

2. Always be learning

Finish school and pursue college, read books, surround yourself with people smarter than you and learn from them

3. Build your interests, pursue your passions

Be interested in a lot but choose to be an expert in a few things.

4. Think differently

Being an independent thinker helps set kids apart. It's easy to want to do what your friends are doing but establishing yourself as an individual helps set you apart.

5. Start earning money as a teenager

By earning money, kids will start to think about the future they desire and build pathways to achieve it. By working hard, kids get to understand the value of a dollar. It is this basic childhood learning that helped Walt Disney and Warren Buffett build their own financial independence - Walt Disney started selling his drawings to neighbors while Warren Buffett was always doing jobs and newspaper runs, before he bought his first stock in a compay at age 12.

6. Learn to budget and use what you have wisely

Being successful is a little like accounting. You have limited time and money, and you need to use your limited resources in the best possible way for it to provide a return for your wellbeing. It's easier to spend a dollar than earn a dollar, and there's no way to create time, so use it wisely.

7. Become an investor

It was allegedly said by Einstein that “compound growth is the eighth wonder, he who understands it… earns it, he who doesn’t pays it.” Whether Einstein did say that or not, compound growth is the great equalizer. Understanding the power of setting aside money, saving it for short term costs or investing it for the long term, allows people to start making a change, and building oneself up for the future. It's never too soon to start investing, and with Loved you can start with adult even if you're not yet 18.

8. Build your network and help others

As your grow older you realize all those friends from school, the people you met at parties and the families of your friends are your network. People love helping other people, so make sure when you meet people you give a great impression and help others, as you would like to help others in the future.

9. Have fun!

Don't worry too much as that won’t help. Instead be focussed in what you love and don't let yourself be distracted by all the options you could be considering. You have many options as a child, so enjoy exploring the choices you have.

10 Starting today gives you a headstart

Dreaming big is fine, nothing should be to ambitious. Think about the future you want to live. People always overestimate what they can achieve in one-year and underestimate what they can achieve in ten. Think about where you picture yourself in ten years, work towards it starting broadly and narrow your focus us you fill the blanks.

You're thinking about this already, so I know you'll be on the right path. Good luck!


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