Investing for kids
is now free

Loved lets you invest for anyone under 18 commission-free, with as little as $5.

Start kids as investors

Invest in kids’ futures with commission-free custodial accounts for anyone under-18.

Start with just $5

Start investing
Build kids their path to become investors

Start kids as investors

Using commission-free custodial accounts and simple yet intelligent investing, you can buy kids stocks and funds with as little as $5.

Set them up to grow

Build a portfolio of companies and industries, while achieving goals for the future.

Set goals to achieve future wants and needs
Create a portfolio so you can learn together

Learn it all together

Give kids an educational gift for the future and let them understand the world by investing.

What’s the deal with investing?

Investing regularly, remaining patient and spending sensibly is the best strategy for a child’s financial success.

I want to invest
for my
year old
Value should be from 0 to 18
8% growth
3% growth
5% growth
11% growth





The above reflects the mathematics of growth for illustrative purposes only, not that of any actual investment. It excludes fund fees and taxes.
Your returns will depend on the actual investment performance which could be more or less than the amounts actually invested.


Security first

Your data is encrypted
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Free investing

Loved accounts are free and
you can invest with just $5.

Giving Back

Giving Back

We will help amplify kids’ voices
and inspire their social movements.