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Investing, for you and your Loved ones.

Setup the next generation with fee-free investing and banking for the future.

We are on a mission to help you setup the next generation with the financial tools and knowledge they need to succeed.

Stocks + ETFs

Start with small investments in stocks and themes as low as $1 because kids don’t start with millions.

Smart Goals

Set up Smart Goals to invest and achieve major costs like college, a first car or home, or retirement.


Help them learn the important financial lessons that will pay dividends as they grow.

Easy Banking

Free bank accounts and cards for the whole family to help you save and spend intelligently.


Start off

the Family.

Whether you’re eight months old, eight years old, a parent or grandparent - you can each have your own commission-free investing account.

Send Gifts

to Anyone.

You can send money towards investment for anyone’s future, giving them a little slice of a stock or some savings to help them on their path towards success.

Coming Soon.

Fee Free

Banking for All.

We want to help you all the way on your path to financial success. As part of this, we are quickly building to become the bank for your whole family.

We exist to give families the best financial future possible and that’s why we are designed to be fee-free.

Get Started

Starting is easy with just $1 and a few minutes.